Web Maps and Web Design

Web Design

Added Intelligence, User Friendly, Instant & Remote Access

Utilizing the power of web sites and databases is crucial for remaining competitive in the business world. Here, at Points North GIS we understand the importance of establishing an online presence, even for locally owned and operated businesses, and we want to help you get the edge you need in finding new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

Let Points North GIS help you make the most out of your data. Most data has a spatial component that can be used to help your business grow, make better decisions and work more efficiently. By using web map utilities your employees and your customers can have access to your data from anywhere with internet access. Project locations and statuses can be monitored near real time, logistics and planning will be easier to visualize and optimize. Ask us about how web maps can work for you.

With our skillful web design, custom programming and database expertise, we can work with you to create a modern web site that will allow you to keep your customers up to date on your services and activities. We can add value to your website with secure pages with restricted access for employees to access crucial business data away from the office, to perform advanced analytics on your business data or to share files and documents in an organized and secure way to ensure your operations are performing optimally.

Web Maps

Interactive, Scalable, Dynamic, Informative

Web maps are an exceptionally useful business tool for attracting new clients, supporting existing clients, providing business intelligence and improving work efficiency.

A web map is an interactive map that is embedded in your website. It can can be simple with minimal information such as a map showing business locations for customers or it can be complex with many layers, real time data or with 3D information.

As with other areas of your website, web maps can be secured so only authorized members can access the information or can be open to the public for added advertising value.

Contact Us to find out how you can use web maps to add value intelligence to your business operations