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Points North GIS & UAV is a company based out of Fort St. John, BC that specializes in custom Mapping, Cartography, UAV Imagery, Website Design, Programming and Database Management. Using our specialized skills we are able to create professional paper and web maps that are applicable to a wide range of industries and can be used for personal and recreational purposes. We are also able to conduct Transport Canada Compliant UAV flights with our custom mapping drone/UAV that allows us to produce high resolution aerial imagery and 3D models.


At Points North we pride ourselves on providing mapping and information services in a timely fashion. Collecting and organizing information for good maps takes time and skill. Our extensive GIS database already established we can provide the type of map that you need with detailed information without having to search for, clean and organize most of the data. Check out our Mapping Services for more details.


A core philosophy at Points North is to empower our clients and community with the skills and knowledge to use the power of WHERE. Our workshops, training sessions and tutorials are designed to help users of any skill level to start using GIS software, techniques and strategies to help their business or career. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most out of your data or software.

UAV/Drone Mapping

UAV or Drone mapping technology is a great way to add detail to your plans or advertising. Ask us about our UAV mapping products and how they can help you make more informed decisions and what value they can add to your business.

Programming, Data Modeling and Analytics

As GIS experts we are passionate about finding meaning and trends in data. Our full stack approach allows us to help business make better business decisions. Our customized programs will help you collect, visualize and analyze information that will give your business a competitive advantage.

Our areas of expertise are:

Cartography and GIS


UAV/Drone Surveys and Modeling


Web Programming and Mobile Application Development


Database Creation and Design


GIS Software Training, Installation and Advising



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3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example
3D Rendering Example



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